The Marketing POD offers the following diverse services:

  • Marketing plans or strategies
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Media campaigns
  • Branding
  • Creative concepts
  • Communications plans and strategies
  • Consumer engagement plans and activity
  • Events and launches
  • Merchandise and promotional tools
  • Display and Expo display designs
  • Media Releases, PR strategies
  • Research


Marketing plans and strategies

Business sometimes needs a plan to get traffic flow through the door or increased enquiry to drive sales.  We develop short term plans for targeted and tactical based activity as well as the long term strategic overarching marketing plans.  Tailored to meet business needs. Planning strategy development and tactical action plans, and implementation of the plan when complete for any product or service. We also provide review services of existing strategies and plans, for a fresh eyes look and point of view.

Marketing campaigns

Campaigns to achieve maximum brand and message recognition through media placement strategically to achieve maximum impact for the business integrated with activities or events depending on the clients needs.

Media campaigns

Television, radio, press, online expansive integrated and cohesive media campaigns, call to action, brand awareness, launch of product campaigns, with both creative and strategic direction.


Branding revive, review refresh or brand new branding all can be delivered with out spending a bomb.

Creative concepts

Artistic, creative, ideas and concepts for any task….come to The Marketing POD for a brainstorm!

Communications plans and strategies

Delivering the right messages to the target market, creating workable tools to deliver messaging and results.

Consumer engagement plans and activity

Some marketing campaigns will require face to face consumer activity to achieve measurable objectives and gain results, consumer engagement in the public space or directly into targeted audiences.

Events and launches

Launching a product, or holding an event suited to meet clients brand and budget.  Launches, festival and community events, cocktail events managed from inception through the total implementation phase including sourcing of venue, talent, presenters, MCs, technical services and execution of all elements.

Display and expo design

Displays can stop traffic.  Displays to generate store or business traffic flow as well as internal retail space layout and design. Expo and event display designs to generate enquiry and traffic flow.

Media releases and PR strategies

Development of creative and interactive media stories to highlight the benefits of products or services and gain media coverage.


All businesses venturing into a marketing activity should implement research as an integral part of the process. Tailored research to meet clients needs such as mystery service visits, surveys, focus groups, exit surveys, statistical reports can be facilitated by The Marketing POD.